Simco Group

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Simco Group is one of the leading hydro-thermo-sanitary installation companies, as confirmed by the 200 companies collaborating with them. They are providing customers with the highest quality products, along with accredited certification obtained from exclusive shared partnerships. For this project we proposed a website with a clean design, trying to emphasize the high quality products through high quality studio made pictures, making …


Banda 3M

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Banda 3M is a young company which represents on the western part of Romania, the international brand of 3M adhesive tapes and abrasives. The main advantage of the company is an experienced team that knows very well the products recommended to clients. Orders are solved faster, flexibility is increased, making them in short time a top favorite among the partner’s choices. …


Fox Impex

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Fox Impex is a presentation website for wholesale stationery and industrial products including 3M, Stihl, Viking, Bosch, full systems and peripheral components, IT services, and a full range of services for warranty or beyond warranty Stihl and Viking products. For this project, we have developed a responsive website that adapts its colors according to the product category, product dynamic tables divided into …



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Over time people have tried to embellish life and housing by various means. Decorative Arts is one of them and is an important part of our environment. There are many choices to make when you arrange or decorate a house. is the official representative in Romania of the parent company For this project we developed an online store …


Gondor Design Group

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Gondor Design Group is a group of three companies that support people who want to decorate their home’s universe according to their own taste. When you arrange or decorate a house, there are many choices to make. Not every combination is successful when you want to arrange or decorate our house. Home decor items, furniture and house colors should follow a …

Arti Logistic

Arti Logistic

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Rubber and different specific materials are another category of products supplied by Arti Logistic on the Romanian market in cooperation with TP Blau Technoprofil GmbH Germany. The high quality products are supported by well-known European brands, and customers worldwide, including Alstom, DB, Bombardier, Siemens, Case, John Deere, Caterpillar, Steyr, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lamborghini and more. For Arti Logistic, being our …