Website Domains

Website domains

Website domains refers to the domain name that uniquely identifies your site on the Internet. Because the Internet is based on IP addresses, this domain/name should be hosted on a server who’s DNS (Domain Name System) has to be registered with the domain registrar. For example, if you have a .com extension, the DNS record will be registered at your hosting provider.

Each website domain has a suffix or abbreviation indicating the Top Level Domain (TLD) it belongs to. There is a limited number of such suffixes. Eg:

  • .gov – government agencies
  • .edu – educational institutions
  • .org – organizations (nonprofit)
  • .mil – military institutions
  • .com – commercial business
  • .net – network organisations
  • .ro – Romania
  • .ca – Canada
  • .th – Thailand

Since 2014, the term of Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) appeared and these types of suffixes are starting to become the trend of future domains on the Internet. Eg:

  • .actor
  • .agency
  • .accountants
  • .bear
  • .band
  • .black
  • .business
  • .company
  • .travel


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